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Southern Wake Christmas Lights Car Tour

I'm not sure if y'all noticed or not, but I skipped the Weekend Round Up this week, but dont worry. It will be making a comback in 2015. The next couple of weeks are crazy for all of us and usually filled with travel, celebrations, and who knows what else! Instead, I want to offer up an idea of … [Read More...]


Karaoke: Not Just For Late Nights Out on the Town (Review)

Pretty much every night after dinner in our house, we have a dance party. It started when my first son was a baby in the Johnny Jump Up, and has kept on going. We play all types of music: good, bad, fast, slow, and loud. We look ridiculous as a family bouncing around the living room, and it's … [Read More...]

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Weekend Round Up: December 12 – 14

How do you feel when you see those countdowns to Christmas? Does it stress you out? Or do you get a little bit of kid-like excitement? I do a little bit of both to be completely honest with you. By the end of this weekend, we will be at the 10 day mark. WHAAAAT?!? Craziness I tell ya. If you aren't … [Read More...]


Weekend Round Up – December 5 – 7

This weekend we'll be hanging lights outside. At one time, we were one of the brightest houses on the block... now we've got neighbors with light show trees that play music! My inner Griswold is itching to get out and buy some major outdoor decorations... but we'll see what happens. In the meantime, … [Read More...]

11x17 Winter Wonderland

Weekend Round Up: November 21 – 23

So it's the last weekend before the holiday season officially kicks off. There is a lot going on, so take a break from your grocery store runs, your holiday decorating (for those of you non-conformists), and stop cleaning the house for company. It's going to be a BUSY weekend in our house, but it's … [Read More...]

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What You Need to Know About Vend Raleigh’s Sip and Shop

Last year I headed out the door for my first introduction to Vend Raleigh at Sip and Shop 13. I was going alone and could not have been more excited. At the time, my 5 month old was still not sleeping through the night (or anywhere close to it), my 3 year old was being all of 3 (because 2 really is … [Read More...]

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Weekend Round Up: November 14 – 16

The holiday season is just around the corner. In our house, we're taking it easy and trying to do a little purging and cleaning before things get too crazy. I know, sounds pretty exciting, right? You know we'll have to take a break for some fun though. Granted, it will be bundled up, hats and gloves … [Read More...]


Turkey Dressing with Sausage Recipe

Many people stuff their turkeys for holiday feasts. In my family, we prefer our bready goodness on the side. That's why we make "dressing." To say that there is a "recipe" is definitely a stretch, but I've practiced and done what I can to put measures to the pinches and sprinkles of spices that make … [Read More...]

Ado Cheese

Weekend Round-Up: November 7 – 9

So, how many days did it take you to adjust to the time change? Even though we "gained" an hour, I feel like I've been spending most of my week running late! Needless to say, I am ready for the weekend. Here are a few of the great things going on in and around the Triangle. Mission Rescue … [Read More...]

Me and the Mr. greeting our Trick or Treaters October 2013.

Weekend Round Up: October 31 – November 2

This weekend I just want to say Happy Halloween! That doesn't mean there aren't a ton of things going on around here, it just means you can always take some time to enjoy your family and friends. We will be trick or treating with our Kratt Brothers (Do you have kids that watch Wild Kratts?), and … [Read More...]